Linksolutions has been working in the digital game industry since 2008. We started our development on PC and download games. We are one of the most experiences on cross platform game developer in the region. Linksolutions has published game within our brand as well as partner with global game publishers. Our games can be founded on PC, Facebook and mobile platforms. The company primary focus is to innovate new game system and game play for the mass players market. Most of Linksolutions Games are free to play and can be download on mobile devices via the Apple Store or Google Play

Our key value:

Stay Focus

Linksolutions has been making board game since 2006 and digital game in 2008.

Invest on IP

We treat games seriously. Most of our game are original IP.

Technology transformation

As a leader in cross platform development, our team stay close to the technology and successfully transform and to adopt ourselves onto different digital platforms.

Rapid development cycle

With long history of solid experiences, Linksolutions has been working in the industry for a long period of time. We have develop a system of project management which can deliver quality product in an efficient manner.

  • Experience cross platform game developer
  • Professional Game development studio
  • Working in the digital game industry since 2008
  • Hong Kong Cyberport incubation program graduate
  • Achieve 1 million download in 2013 for “Pets Fun Hous”e on Google Play
  • Wii and Nintendo Approval developer
  • Published more than 10 titles on PC and Mobile

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